SAFRAN ARCHITECTURE s.àr.l. was founded in Luxemburg in 2019 after a 5 year career in diverse fields of architecture. Being a single person business with a clear vision of growing, it allows me to keep a clear overview of all the projects content.


Transparency is at top list, being necessary for trustworthy working together.

The analaogies betweed cooking an doing architecture have always impressed me. If doing architecture can be compared to cooking, the architecture itself it produces could be compared to spice, particularily the spice you add to your project. We aim high with safran, with the idea of finding ideas which leed to great architecture. As with spicing we seek balance in the designs, practicality and always keep in mind the cost effects of every design decision. A good design should firstly work, then be beautiful is the main approach. At the end architecture should be there to improve life in its diversity of aspects. The work is mostly based in Luxemburg so we operate all accross Luxemburg.